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Who we are? 

We are an online marketplace supplying the industrial sector with new and used machinery and spare parts. 

How we are working?

We are offering new and used machines and spare parts from different suppliers allowing the buyer to choose from wide range of products based on several options such as price, condition (new or used) and delivery time.     

What’s unique about us? 

For Buyers : 

1- We assure our customers to get the best quality of machines and spare parts based on their budgets. 

2- Supplying of spare parts in breakdowns as fast as up to several hours. 

3- Guarantee of free returns as per terms and conditions. 

4- For our customers in Sudan, in case the customer knows the supplier of the machine or spare part and facing difficulties in transactions and delivery, we provide the service of receiving the transactions in Sudan and we complete the rest of process on his behalf, ensuring the delivery up to his door.   

What’s unique about us?

For Sellers : 

1- FREE marketing for all the products. 

2- Taking care of logistic and operations from receiving the item up to delivering it to the customer. 

3- Providing the seller with FREE platform, which will give him the below benefits: 

i - Viewing his products, determining the cost and selling prices. 

ii- Monitor the status of all sales requests . 

iii- Obtain detailed reports and modern charts on the amount of sales plus the profits related to it . 

vi-Live monitoring of actual stocks for all the items and sending alerts in case of reaching minimum stock.  


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